Hawks Ambassadors

Hawks Ambassadors

Our Club Ambassadors are always available to help you if you have any questions about the club or if you are not sure about which team may be appropriate for you. They come from the highest, lowest and indeed middle teams, and will be able to point you in the right direction!

Ceri Cornwall

Rolf has been dribbling (rather clumsily) and whacking (rather erratically) a hockey ball since he was able to tie his shoelaces (no idea when that was, but it was certainly pre-velcro).   He joined the Vancouver Hawks in 1991 and has since played on a number of teams in various divisions, still seeking the perfect placement.  Rolf has, in recent years, played with the Hawks B and C teams.  

I started playing field hockey at age 12, much against my will as I “thought" that I preferred swimming.  Bullied into a team sport, played outside mainly in the rains of North Yorkshire, I grew to love the game. I am astounded to say that over 40 years later I’m still playing!  The occasional swim still sometimes occurs on the slightly damp fields of now, The North Shore, but the move from the grassy knolls of Yorkshire to the lush turf of Vancouver keeps my love of field hockey alive and well... New for this year is Umpiring ;) Ceri is the person to contact at ceri.cornwall@gmail.com for social/competitive league hockey!

Rolf Sickmuller

Rolf is very approachable (don’t look at the mug shot too closely) and would be delighted to talk about the teams and provide assistance with joining the club. Rolf can be contacted at sickmuller@envirowest.ca