Volunteer Bond


Vancouver Hawks is deeply rooted in its community and actively seeks to maintain this connection in all its endeavours. One of the most crucial ways this manifests itself is in the number and quality of our volunteers.

The Junior Spring Season is almost entirely run through volunteerism and this allows us to bring hockey to almost 1000 athletes from 3 to 18 years old. Volunteers help us with coaching, managing teams, selecting players, setting up events, organising and distributing equipment and uniforms, umpiring, mentoring and more and more and more... Please visit Volunteer Positions for a more detailed list of the volunteer positions and the amazing people who give their time.

During the senior season, too, many many volunteers give their time in order to enhance our experience as members of Hawks. Whether it is helping to organise and run tournaments, umpire games or organise social events, many more people give their time to the community. For a detailed list of these volunteers and the work they do please refer to Volunteers - Seniors.

The executive of the club, too, is made up of volunteers. Our Board Members give up their time to help guide the club forwards and continue to strengthen its place in the hockey world and in the wider community too. Please see Executive and Staff for details of our Board Members and the work they do.

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity whatsoever please let us know by emailing us at info@vancouverhawks.com - without you we cannot continue to offer such a great experience to so many people!

Volunteer Bond


Volunteer Bond

Vancouver Hawks requires a volunteer bond be paid by all registrants. This section of the website will help you understand the Volunteer Bond, its requirements and why the Vancouver Hawks Board decided to take this step.

What is a Volunteer Bond?

A volunteer bond is a refundable payment levied on all junior and senior season club members.  This payment is added to the cost of registration and will be refunded when the member completes their volunteer hours.

Why institute a Volunteer Bond?

Vancouver Hawks relies on its members for volunteer support to maintain the quality of its programs and support the club.  The refundable Volunteer Bond is designed to encourage members to become more engaged in the club and its activities.

How much will the Volunteer Bond be?

The Volunteer Bond will be $50 per registrant for the Senior Season.

What is needed to complete the Volunteer obligation?

A minimum of (3) hours of volunteer time within the Vancouver Hawks season will be required from each member.

What types of volunteer activities qualify for the volunteer obligation?

This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Coaching (paid coaching does not count!)

  • Team Manager

  • Umpiring (3 games)

  • Joining a committee

  • Joining the Board

  • Taking on specific volunteer positions such as:

    • Volunteer Coordinator

    • Umpire Coordinator

    • Age Group Coordinator

    • Uniform Coordinator

    • Equipment Coordinator

    • Goalie Equipment Coordinator

    • Club Ambassador

    • VFSF Representative

    • VWFHA Representative

    • Tournament Team Selectors

    • Tournament Team Managers

    • Tournament Team Coaches

    • Uniform Sorters

    • Hosting Coordinator

  • Special events Volunteering

When will the Volunteer Bonds be refunded?

Volunteer Bonds will be refunded at the end of the junior season, in early July in the form of a discount on the following season's senior registration or Junior Spring Season. Members may volunteer for either junior or senior events and positions in order to qualify for a refund.

What will Vancouver Hawks do with the money collected?

First and foremost, Vancouver Hawks is not instituting the Volunteer Bond to raise revenue.  The Volunteer Bond is being created to encourage more members to volunteer and to drive community engagement. The money will be spent on improving and increasing the number of programs offered to members, special events and other similar club activities.

How can I fulfill my Volunteer Bond obligations?

Throughout the year Vancouver Hawks administrators will put out calls for volunteers for various events, and you will be able to sign up for tasks through a web sign-up portal. You can also volunteer for one of the many volunteer positions within the club, as well as umpire and many other things. For a full list please see above.

The Club Administrator will keep a list of all volunteer hours completed - if you feel that you have done something that should count towards your volunteer hours and you are not sure it has been noted, please contact the Club Administrator at info@vancouverhawks.com.

What happens if I don't complete my Volunteer Bond obligation within the season?

There are many opportunities to help throughout the year that will allow you to gain your volunteer hours.  If you do not complete your volunteer hours by the end of the season you will forfeit your Volunteer Bond and those funds will be returned to the Vancouver Hawks General Fund for operations.  Volunteer assignments will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you want to make sure that you fulfill your obligation before the year ends, sign up as early as possible. Vancouver Hawks is not responsible for finding volunteer tasks for members; you must take responsibility to sign up for and complete tasks yourself!